Book of Development #1


Figured I would make a small devlog to go with what I have been doing on the project. I've spent the last few days finishing off the start of the project, so basically the introduction of the story as well as the main event that leads up to the player going on their adventure. I have a few aims for this series that I want to let you know about.

Cross Episode Saves

I want you to be able to use your old save files between episodes. Like as soon as you complete Book of Water you will have a save file ready for Book of Fire. However, you will not require a save to play the next books, it will just carry over information such as Items, Skills and Equipment. (Which may mean you have an advantage when playing through the episodes. (Except I will reset the level to 1 each time you transfer a save so there is still a degree of difficulty)). I also plan on doing cross episode side quests. Like you start a sidequest in Book of Water and it might not end until Book of Earth meaning you will require a save that was originally from Book of Water, has been used in Book of Fire and ultimately ends up in Book of Earth. I am developing a system that will allow easy transfer.

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